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Brand : BioBag
Product Name : Biodegradable Garbage Bag
Model Code : BIOP-S   (S Size)
    BIOP-M  (M Size)
    BIOP-L   (L Size )
    BIOP-XL   (XL Size)
Description : Bio-degradable garbage bags will be broken down into smaller polyethylene
    molecules which can be further digest into carbon dioxide, water residue and biomass.
    - Crude oil extract for brand new high quality material.
    - Roll and point-broken type packaging, easy to store &use
    - Round base design provide stronger load-bearing, does not leak easily
    - No plastic powder & odorless
           SIZE                     MEASUREMENT                      PACKING
    S   -   20  LITER                  19" X 22"                                 50pcs/roll
    M  -  100 LITER                   30" X 39"                                10pcs/roll
     L  -  150 LITER                   36" X 48"                                10pcs/roll
    XL - 180 LITER                    45" X 51"                                10pcs/roll

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